They Said…

Start a blog they said, it will be great, they said.

So I did.  Then, I sat gazing at the page for way too long, just  trying to think of what to name it. Finally, I realized, it didn’t actually matter. So I let that go.

I’m not sure when I can call myself an author.  I mean, I wrote a book, it’s getting published. But can I really call myself an author?  Better stick with my day job for now.

I am not a writer.  Well, that is actually complicated. But…I have a day job. I loved to write as a kid but I put that away when I had to start paying the rent. So I went to school, lots of school, and got a job I could count on.

Then one day, because God has a sense of humor, He told me to write a book.  I argued. He won.  Now here we are, you and me.  Let’s see where we end up.