The Seventh Angel, Prologue

The demon led Titus into the study where Lucifer waited. An overflowing ashtray sat on the desk still smoldering from a cigar freshly extinguished. The room was full of the holiest of all books, it was evident to Titus that Lucifer was searching the Word for something.

“My Liege,” Titus offered in greeting kneeling on the expensive Persian rug before his Prince.

“I assume you have a good reason for coming uninvited to my home, for interrupting me, and for usurping your position,” Lucifer drilled. But Titus was not concerned by the harsh tone. He knew that what he brought would be pleasing to Lucifer. He would not have taken the risk otherwise.

“Yes, my Liege,” he answered humbly. Being confident did not mean he need be arrogant. While Titus understood the value of the gift he brought Lucifer, he also realized he was in a precarious position. Lucifer was the Prince of the earth; he was not to be trifled with. Titus would proceed with deep respect never overtly revealing his betrayal of Morax or his own personal quest for power.

“Get up!” Lucifer snapped at him, irritation, and disgust evident in his voice.

“I bring you news of Platitude,” Titus offered as he stood.

“Platitude? The King’s college we are taking over?” Lucifer asked as if he didn’t already know.

“Yes.” He paused briefly observing Lucifer for any signs of anger. He saw only annoyance.

“What is your report then?” Lucifer prompted fighting visible agitation.

“There was a prophet at the college,” Titus once again paused giving Lucifer plenty of time to process the information. He cunningly laid his cards out for Lucifer to see and was instantly rewarded. A small ripple of excitement pulsed through Lucifer chased back by a hint of fear that Titus would never acknowledge seeing. All who were wise feared the King. It was only right that Lucifer should as well, after all, who knew better than Lucifer what the King was capable of?

“Go on,” Lucifer asked in a slightly softer tone, his interest piqued.

Lucifer listened as Titus filled him in on the critical elements of the battle in Platitude. Titus did, of course, leave out many key facts, facts he was sure would work against him. He would leave that bit for Morax. Lucifer listened intently asking only what had become of each of the humans. Titus relayed what he knew which wasn’t much.

“Find them and destroy them all. But bring me the prophet alive,” Lucifer ordered.


God has indeed heard the cry of his beloved daughters.

Nearly two years ago I penned this discussion between God and the angel Aegeus, in The Prophet:
“Aegeus, many of my daughters have felt rejected by the church. The Strongman and others like him have persecuted them and twisted my words for their own selfish purposes. Through their persecution, my children have started many home churches, and word of me has spread. What the Strongman intended for evil, I have used for good.
My daughters have clung to me, but they cry out for deliverance. I have heard their cry, Aegeus, and I can bear it no longer. They must understand how much I love them. The eleven in the town will serve as a voice for my daughters. The battle has only begun.”

At the time I wrote this, the #MeToo movement was not yet a thing, Paige Patterson was not a name most of us knew and the evangelical community was not being shaken to their core.

I did not start out to write a book about the role of women or the treatment of women or really anything about women. I started out to write a book about spiritual warfare, and it just took on a life of its own.

I remember reading back over a section one day and feeling stunned that I had written it and wondering how on earth it would ever be accepted by readers and wondering if we were ready for that conversation, if I was ready. I deemed that I wasn’t. I wasn’t’ ready to really sit down and have the discussion because it was too difficult.

And yet, here we are. I am stunned and shocked to see so many of the very same topics now playing out on the national stage.  I can only come to the same conclusion that Beth Moore did in her Tweet this week, revival is coming. God has indeed heard the cry of his beloved daughters and the battle has only begun.